Make your website fully 'whizz bang' by adding some of our easy to use modules. 

What are the modules?


e-Newsletters are a valuable marketing tool. Keep in contact with your clients, industry and possible leads by creating powerful publications cheaply and efficiently. Organise your addresses with email groups and be able to send recent topics, product offers, and value that generates work via email.

Photo Gallery

The 'Photo gallery module' allows an easy management solution for imagery. The module allows your website user to enjoy a quick and effective gallery experience of your business. Great for showing products, examples, portfolios, and events to name a few. Check out our Power Portfolio as an example of a Photo Gallery module.

News Articles

'News Article' is a great example in keeping your website fresh and updated. Everybody loves an "Active" website which encourages past visitors to keep coming back to your site. Create, sort and manage News Articles topics such as completed projects, recent events, Documents for your website.

Flash Banner

What better way to create impact and showcase your homepage with a 'Flash banner'. Promote products, core areas and your brand identity with an animated feature.

Google Map

A powerful and effective module for assisting your website in locating a desired location. You can illustrate a business premise, Showroom, Landmark to name a few, all supported as an interactive map which zooms and moves with clearly labelled information.

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Sitebox3 - Powercreations Content Managament System (CMS) you can manage your additional modules very easily.